A320 Project Overview.

Translation by Christian Girardet




This large section of simucockpit.fr is exactly the same as the old site “simu320.fr”.



 The goal is to provide a detailed description of the construction, the equipment and of the programing involved in making an A320 based flight simulator.


Just as for the Beech 200, this is an amateur project undertaken as a hobby. The goal was to reproduce as accurately as possible the flight systems and the specificities of this plane within the means and resources of an amateur. I am obviously not working with Airbus Industries and there are a significant number of differences between this simulator and the real plane.


This Flight simulator uses P3D but it will run as well with FSX.


The A320 was a very innovative plane when it first came out as it uses many computerized systems allowing for a very different flight management logic than that of more classical airplanes. The whole challenge for us (and therefore the whole interest) is to reproduce with only one or two home computers what Airbus achieves with its 78 on-board computers. Sure, we will have to simplify but we will try to stay as close as possible to the specific Airbus airplanes flight management philosophy. We will also see that all these very complex functions can be handled by a single freeware: JeeHell FMGS.


This Airbus A320 project is definitely not for beginners, but for those of you who already have some good experience in flight simulators, construction, interface cards and SIOC programming. If this were not to be the case, I would strongly advise you to first study the other sections of this website; this would really be a minimum before getting into the A320 flight simulator project. Additionally, a good knowledge of the A320 is required with for instance being perfectly “fluent” with all the systems available in the Aerosoft add-on. At this time, JeeHell is no longer really evolving: his author is very modest and calls it still a “beta version”, but it runs extremely well !


Just a final reminder that this type of cockpit will require various capabilities in woodworking, electricity, electronics, basic programming, flight dynamics… but this type of cockpit brings you to a complete new dimension in flight simulation terms. It may takes you several years to complete it, but the satisfaction of overcoming the technical challenges as well as the bounds you will create with other sim builders makes it all the worthwhile.


So if you are actually ready for this, let’s take off.




The dimensions of this simulator as well as the functionalities of the A320 systems reproduced here do not pretend to be perfectly exact. This is not a model nor can this type of flight simulator be used for training for actual airmanship.